Legislation that will regulate online gambling received Britain’s approval this week, and will go into effect in the UK. The first G-7 country to pass such legislation, many are hoping that other European countries will quickly follow Britain’s suit. A Canadian-based online gambling software maker, Chartwell Technology, has already seen positive results from the passage of this bill: in midday trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, its stock went up ten cents to $10.95. Chartwell’s CEO, Lee Richardson, says it is the regulating of the industry that makes people feel they are playing in a safe environment, an environment in which they will be protected from various frauds, scams and cons.

UK casino player wins $500,000 in 48 hours

In the UK, one lucky VIPCasino player won over $500,000 in only two days of casino game-play. The two-day winning streak was just what this casino regular was hoping for. Online casino players might be a little jealous, too.A particularly regular casino player at spin palace, the winner was back to play after a 3 month break to win the huge amount of money.

Everything in moderation we guess.Returning to the well-known casino last month, he restarted playing on a regular basis the rest is history. Inside a few weeks he hit the jackpot we should think. He plainly struck gold by winning over $200,000 by playing with a $30,000 bankroll. Not a bad return, in fact he got a 660% return on his money on that day.On the very next day, after gambling with $10,000 from the previous day’s winnings, he won another $200,000. Somehow, the total came to $512,885 in 48 hours.  An splendid accomplishment for a regular casino player no doubt. We guess he really feels like a VIP now.

Casino Deposit Methods – UseMyBank

UseMyBank costs nothing and it is an immediate money processor. It is available to players all over the World. It is basically an online banking machinist that provides payments from an online banking account to an online casino. To use this method, you need to provide a telephone number and valid email address. These two forms of communication are all the online casino will have.

UseMyBank assists user’s through the process of setting up online banking through the user’s own bank, then acts as a go-between when allowing payments from the user’s banking account to the online casino – without committing to a sign-up.

To use this method, players must allow debit transactions to be made at the online casino through their online banking account.

Payments are verified immediately, and are kept in a payment tracker. Very simple. The automated online payment allows payment directly from a banking account. UseMyBank is quick to set up and does not entail any personal information to be shared with others. The main reason that so many players like this deposit system is because it is not just used for online casino deposits, it has other great features.