In addition to the money, Kelli will be chosen as a part of the World Poker Tour’s Ladies Night IV. This affords her the chance to compete at the end of this month, the month of August, with such women’s poker greats as defending Ladies Night III champion Jennifer Tilly, in addition to Vanessa Rousso, Anahit Galajian JJ Liu, and Erica Schoenberg.

In the tournament that this mother of two is competing in, of all of the winning money, ten percent will go to a breast cancer foundation. This especially fits in with Kelli’s on life experience since her grandmother died of breast cancer and her aunt is currently fighting the malady. She herself has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has been overcoming it for four years.

It is no surprise then that this successful competitor has already included $2 500 of her own winnings as a part of the money being given.Kelli won a a single table satellite last month, and that is how she financed her seat at the 2006 WSOP Ladies Event. With 1,128 woman competing, Kelli managed to reach 59th place and finished in the money of the record Ladies Event.

“Internet Betting Exchanges Benefit Some But Not Others”

Having agreed to allow the licensing of internet betting exchanges, the Tasmanian government has made some people in the industry very happy. Others, however, see the move as a quite destructive one.

A meeting last Monday between James Packer – the executive chairman of Australian company Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBC) – and the Tasmanian government has yielded a controversial agreement.


The licensing of internet betting exchanges will now be allowed, and one of the first to exploit this decision by obtaining a license to operate in Tasmania is the British agency Betfair. This is terrible news for Tasmania’s racing industry, according to Sue Napier, spokesperson for opposition racing. According to Napier, “the Australian racing industry will cut loose the Tasmanian racing industry.” She holds the Tasmanian government’s decision to allow the licensing of internet betting exchanges accountable for this potential disaster.