The most promising of the offers was made last Monday for the impressive amount of forty-seven dollars a share by the privately owned company Columbia Sussex, which already owns a large number of hotels and casinos, including the Westin in Las Vegas.

Another promising offer was made by the company, Ameristar Casinos Inc., which has been raised to the amount of forty-five dollars per share on Friday. But there are still at least three other offers that Aztar will need to consider before it makes it’s final decision on who it will decide to sell its very coveted piece of Las Vegas Strip land to.

The company now owns the Tropicana Casino and Hotel in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City and also casinos in Missouri and Indiana. But the most attractive feature by far of this companies portfolio is its ownership of thirty-four acres of prime Las Vegas strip real estate more Currently, the property is being occupied by the aging Tropicana Hotel and Casino that has been around since 1957. It is essentially one of the last spots on the strip that is available for complete casino development that has a nearly one-hundred percent chance of succeeding, given its location.

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