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The purchase was for twenty acres of land immediately fronting a popular boardwalk of the South Inlet in New Jersey, US. Although no exact figures were released on a possible selling price (the deal is still tentative at this point), it is speculated that a $1 billion budget to build a casino and resort competing with The Borgota is highly probable.

Adjacent to the Showboat in the South Inlet, the location serves as prime property for a gambling destination. Not only are New Jersey natives known for their love of gambling (thank you Atlantic City) more, but are also known to frequent this particular area in high volume.

When approached with the news, Morgan Stanley said that all speculations are premature at this point. Even the allegations that Hard Rock Hotel and Casino would be the chosen developer for the boardwalk site being sold by Pennsylvania developer Tom Scannapieco were denied. It is certain, however, that Morgan Stanley is interested in purchasing the property, and that if carried out, would present an ideal location for entertainment activities.

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A recent poll may give new evidence as to why the United Kingdom is looking more favorable on online casinos and the entire notion of internet betting. Not going so far as to report gambling addictions, the poll found that 93% of 2,000 UK residents partook in gambling at an online casino at one time or another.
Of those that took the poll, the Scots were the most active, with two out of five spending at least £50 in wagers at online casino sites every week. However, Londoner’s took the prize for being the least frugal, with one out of ten reporting to gamble £300 to £500 in online stakes each week.

As for time spent in the online casino, poker room, or race book, one out of twenty southwestern UK residents spent as much as five hours betting on the computer every day. The poll was conducted by Virgin Money, which divulged the results in a recent press release. More figures and polling protocol methods can be viewed in the actual report.

Other findings, which were surprising to many in the online casino industry, showed that male gamblers tended to prefer betting on football, lottery and online casino games, while those of the female persuasion preferring to show a primary interest in online lottery, but also showing an affinity for horse racing.